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(PURPOSE— Workshops about making space in our hearts

and room in our lives for loving relationships)

1. THE LOVE CONNECTION — After helping and ministering to everyone else, are you drained? Feeling disconnected? In need of some tender loving care? Learn how to reconnect with yourself and discover “The Ministry of Me”.  

2. READY TO LOVE (targeted for Singles) -- They say “love is blind”, but are you desiring to “see” the one that God has for you? Learn strategies to move beyond surface-level interactions and “situationships” to real and ordained relationships.

3. LOVE AFTER LOCK UP (targeted for Separated/Divorce and “church hurts”) -- Has your heart been on lock down because of past relationship heartbreaks and disappointments in ministry or in marriage? Learn how to live and love again and be open to new joys and experiences.


(PURPOSE— Workshops about understanding where God wants to position us

and our influence on other people)

1. R.E.S.P.E.C.T — What does it mean to you? Do you want it? Have you earned it? Learn how God wants you to operate and lead in excellence, while dealing with your own challenges. What does it mean to be in the lead (in family, in ministry).  How do you handle both the praise and the criticism that comes from the crowd?  What are your expectations from others?  How do you operate when God calls you to lead and you are trying to deal with all of your concerns/ challenges with your home and family life? You want R.E.S.P.E.C.T. but do you give it?  You want the respect, but have you earned it?

2. SHINE THE LIGHT ON ‘EM -- God’s light is on you. People are watching. What are you going to do? What moves will you make? Learn how to make room in your life and let God work. Are you creating a plan for the moments/platforms that God has for you? (being ready for the spotlight). You must Identify what things are out of order that may hinder your ability to flow with God while understanding the level of influence that you have on people.  How are you using your platform that God has given you to glorify Him?

3. RUN THE WORLD --  Are you trying to figure out who is really “for you or against you” or which relationships are for a reason, a season, or a lifetime? Learn how to identify, build and maintain profitable connections and relationships that help you do great exploits for God.


(PURPOSE— Workshops about taking the necessary steps to help secure a Godly future)

1. COMING IN HOT -- Are you stuck? Stalling? What has been getting in the way of your success? Learn how to “shoot your shot” in faith and boldly walk through the doors that God has opened.

2. NOMADLAND -- Has life dealt you a devastating blow? Has your world been turned upside down? Are you dealing with grief, shock, trauma and  overwhelming emotions? Learn how to get up again and move forward with Divine purpose.

3. A QUIET PLACE -- What is the enemy after in your life (family? faith? future?) Have you been under attack from all angles? Learn strategies to better hear from God so that you can war strategically and win.