The 7-Week Spiritual Renewal Challenge is for individuals to gain a deeper, stronger, more intimate relationship with Christ. It is the desire that each individual will take a good look at their spiritual walk with Jesus Christ and examine themselves by doing an honest self-assessment of where they really are in their walk and relationship with Him. It is the hope that each individual, no matter where they currently are in their walk will be challenged to grow deeper in their faith, trust and obedience by submitting fully to God and His word in every area of their lives. The main purpose is to move the individual from being a fan to a true follower of Jesus Christ.


This challenge will meet once a week.  This challenge will consist of daily prayer and devotional time, along with homework.  Classes will be available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.


To register for this challenge please fill out the registration form and someone will contact you with more information.

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 Part 1 & Part 2 
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